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23 December 2010 @ 02:38 pm
I'll say this: I got a good enough ATAR to make it into any of the unis I put down.
Hint: Don't read too much into the above statement.

I've been told of a few places where I might be able to find work, so I'm going to be trying for that soon. In other news, I've nearly got enough hours to get my P's!
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
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✿ the randomness machine!!inferior on December 23rd, 2010 11:52 am (UTC)
That's awesome, right? :D
I of the Unmanaged Anger: Blue Hectortimedrift on December 23rd, 2010 01:24 pm (UTC)
Like I said, don't read too much into it, and everything will be fine and dandy. ;)